company history



At the beginning of the eighties we developed industriously at AUDI/Volkswagen/OPELS - for Lada currently not !

This called us as newcomer on the stage and allready we were for Lada Europe a tuning-specialist!


Our developed Lada Novas and Nivas became interesting finally also for the recent public.


Most diverse orders for production of considerable customers, of Chrysler, Fiat, Irmscher, Nissan, etc.

led us to ever sportier ideas and confirmed our hit line, that priority must have quality,

even if quality settles on the price!


In the united states us the way became toward of the "Fast and the Furious look", and since 1998 we are developed this line!

Give encouraged by our freaks and fans, they give us many years in "Pakfeifers" Tuning and quality their confidence.

Our new Website presents  approx. hundret "Pakfeifer" bodykits! All of this are customer vehicles!

Fans from all countries in europe give us their cars, in order to adapt it with us optically the tuning-scene!


Naturally none of these cars without road-suited permission leaves our house!

The strict doing homologation editions obligate us to a continuing quality control,

and our enterprise does not lead the  homologation quality seal in vain!